• Realities Research Nigeria Limited (RRNL) essence as a one-stop-shop is to provide insightful and actionable facts upon which clients strategy and growth depends.
• Businesses all over the world have become increasingly competitive. Only those who are insightful can know, seize and consolidate the future. Branding, customer relationships and consumer insights play increasing role in strategic planning of any business.
• At RRNL, we understand your world and immerse ourselves to achieving your dreams.
Our philosophy is to provide quality services in accordance with the industry’s professional ethics.
• As specialists in operation management, we introduce innovations that ensure that clients get premium value for their money through established solution-based processes.


Who We Are

• Realities Research Nigeria Limited (RRNL) is an incorporated field research and business consulting firm. RRNL is duly registered under the Nigeria Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 (RC 718085). Our operational base is in Lagos, the commercial nerve of Nigeria. We have representations in each of the 6 geo-political zones (regions) of Nigeria.
• Our focus is to be the pivot point for both local and international clients marketing research companies, development agencies and independent consultants who want to explore the West, East, Central, South and North Africa business and social environment through our creative fieldwork services.
• Our pool of highly motivated professionals provide the root for our growth and their experiences are the ingredients that have seasoned our competences.
• RRNL is the trade name for Realities Research Nigeria Ltd.


What We Do

• RRNL specializes in providing premium professional quantitative and qualitative fieldwork services in West African sub-region which includes countries like Nigeria, Niger Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, Liberia etc. and other African markets.
• Data collection and data processing are at the heart of any research project–even the best-designed questionnaire cannot make up for data that is incorrect or incomplete. RRNL is your one-stop-shop that would provide you with the high quality, flexibility, and support in data collection and data processing that you require to have a successful research project.
• Using the most pragmatic and cost effective methodology, we deliver quality data on research types such as brand health tracking, usage and attitude study, pricing study, concept/product test, adhoc study, ad previews, retail auditing, mystery shopping, social research, customer satisfaction, market segmentation.
• We offer B2B, B2C, In-Home/CLT, IDI via F2F PAPI, CAPI
(on-online and offline), FGD, Desk research. We also offer consultancy services such as translation from English to Nigerian languages, quality check and data validation, etc.
• Our operational processes are genuinely tailored to meet clients’ needs within the purview of the industry’s ethics.


Operations Control

• Reliable and actionable data has been our prime operational watch word. To ensure effective and reliability of data, RRNL back-checks, spot-checks and validate data largely by personal contact. Each project receives a personal touch, project supervisors provide daily updates to enable the team keep track of fieldwork development.
• For efficient and effective project monitoring, RRNL ensures that communication is maintained at all levels; from the interviewer to the field manager in order to fast-track field development and effect corrections when needed.
• Project updates are provided on a regular basis to enable the client keep track of their project and to ensure studies are completed on time and at a reduced turnaround time.


Our Vision and Values

• Our vision is to be a major point of reference for insightful and actionable solutions to clients’ aspirations.
• Our core values are Integrity, quality, fast turnaround
times, enthusiasm, flexibility, passion and partnerships.


Industry Expertise

• Our expertise in providing quality fieldwork services cover the major industries there are – Automobile, FMCGs, Telecom, IT, Financial, Manufacturing, Social Field Research, Government Agencies, International Development etc.
• We deploy the maximum capacity utilization in ensuring that our clients get the best for their money without compromising quality.
• At RRNL, our resources and efforts are dedicated to fieldwork execution….providing high quality fieldwork services and data tabulation in the most effective, efficient and economical way.
• Hence we constantly enhance and upgrade our service delivery system in this direction.
• Our clients range from major market research and advertising companies to independent consultant, fast moving consumer goods companies, large corporations, international development agencies, etc.



Data Processing:
• Preparation of code frame and coding
• Data entry
• Data cleaning
• Data conversion
• Data tabulation
• Data Weighting

Preparation of code frame & coding:
• For every open end or verbatim responses, we follow specific conventions or codes in order to derive meaningful interpretation to the verbatim. We adhere strictly to professional standard for preparing code frame and coding:
• Extraction and tallying of verbatim responses from questionnaires,
• Grouping of responses according to classifications/categories,
• Assigning codes to responses according to Data Processing format.
• Before the commencement of coding, the project executive and/or client must approved the final code list.
• Coding is coordinated by experienced senior personnel.
• The team of coders are thoroughly briefed on the project and coding
• Depending on the complexity of the project and/or code list, each coder may be required to concentrate on a question or portion of the questionnaire for consistence in coding.


Data Entry

• At RRNL, we provide data entry services with guaranteed accuracy rates and quick turn-around time.
• The data entry program is handled by experienced and professional
script writers to ensure that data is captured in consistent with
questionnaire routine instructions and eliminate data entry errors.
• We have a team of skilled data entry staff who quickly transfer the
information from paper questionnaires into electronic data.
• All data entered is thoroughly checked and a top line summary report
is supplied for perusal.


Data Cleaning

• Data cleaning involves the detection and removal of errors and inconsistencies in data in order to improve its quality. The process involves standardizing, validation and correction of data to maximize
integrity and value.
• We are able to cleanse any kind of data type, verify data accuracy, and eliminate duplicated and incorrect entries.
• RRNL is endowed with skilled and experienced Quantum script Writers who can generate executable data cleaning program for you to run on your data or outsource the data cleaning to us.


Data Format/Conversion

Data format/conversion:
• We output data in standard ASCII text format in either simple straight format and/or complex multiple/trailer cards data format.
• We have the technical know-how to convert or export ASCII data into any format required by our clients, for example:
• Excel format
• CSV files
• Binary
• Any other types (specified by client)


Data Tabulation/Weighing

Data Tabulation:
• We have experience and capabilities of handling large-scale multi-country, multi-wave data collected in different file formats and transform them into tabulations.
• Data table can be generated in any of the following:
• Excel
• Plain text
• HTML (hyper text mark-up long wage)to be loaded using internet browser.

Data Weighting:
• We are skilled in handling data weighting schematics.
• We can weight raw data to reflect either of the following:
– Total population
– Market share
– To balance Sample quota
• Also we can generate respondents’ weighting factors to be included in the ASCII or SPSS data


Software and Data Deliverables

• We use QPS (Mr – for data entry, Quantum for data cleaning)

Data Deliverables:
• 80 column ASCII and FLAT ASCII
• CSV/Excel file
• Other format as requested by client



Terms of Payment

The first payment of 60% of the total project cost will fall due when the quote for research project is approved (Commissioning Letter). Realities Research Nigeria Limited will commence work on the project when this part payment and all research materials have been received. The balance is payable when the project is completed and delivered. Net 14 days.

Time Limitation

The costing and timetable set out for any project will be valid for 30 days from the date of research quote. If commissioning does not take place within 30 days period, Realities Research Nigeria Limited, reserves the right to adjust its quotation in the light of possible cost changes in the interim period.

Processes.... in Brief

  • When we receive Request for Quotation (RFQ) or brief for a study in Nigeria or other African market, an acknowledgement is sent immediately.
  • A brain storming session among the operations executives and field personnel is without delay constituted in order to unearth and comprehend the study requirements and timing.
  • A response with our understanding and competitive costs is sent within 12 hours for studies in Nigeria.
  • But for an RFQ involving other Africa market or a multi-country studies, our
    response with competitive costs within 24 hours or less is guaranteed.
  • Upon receipt of commissioning letter, the operations executives/field managers plan and work-out logistics for a hitch-free fieldwork and data tabulation ensuring timing as agreed with client is strictly adhered to.
  • The OE/Field Manager briefs the project or where the client opts to do so, may do it with the assistance of the Field Manager and the rest of the field team. In some cases the Field Supervisor may also perform this function to leverage the time of the OE/Field Manager
  • During briefing, all field personnel participating in the study must be in the briefing room. A central briefing may be organized for the purpose of uniformity especially if it is a multi- center project or a complex study.

Field Process:

  • The need to maintain a high level of quality control for any research study cannot be over emphasised. Thus, in order to ensure accurate and reliable results of all fieldwork, RRNL ensures the following:
  • Rigorous training/pre-briefing and selection of highly experienced and capable interviewers.
  • Briefing of the entire project team followed by series of dummy interviews among the interviewers/supervisors to ensure comprehension and proper questionnaire administration.
  • If required (esp. for complex study), a couple of trial/pilot interviews would be conducted with potential respondents to ensure suitability of questionnaire
  • For appropriate field management and control, interviewers are divided into teams, each team of 5/6 interviewers are to work under one supervisor.
  • Experienced local interviewers, with knowledge of the designated regions will be used to carry
    out interviews under the supervision of a senior RRNL field personnel.

Field supervisors will work first in the field (during training/piloting) by administering one or two of the field questionnaire before assuming responsibility as supervisors. This is to ensure he/she is well acquainted with the methodology and intricacies of the study. Responsibilities of the field supervisors on any survey includes:

  • Allocation of sampling points/area to interviewers according to sampling specification.
  • Accompanying interviewers to the field to ensure compliance of interviewing procedure.
  • Conduct spot-checks of on-going interviews (a minimum of 10% of each interview’s job) to eliminate fraud, inaccurate questionnaire administration/form filling etc.
  • Reviewing all completed questionnaires for legibility, accuracy and consistency.
  • Providing daily update on achievement.
  • Minimum of 20% personal/telephone back-checks will also be carried out on each interviewer’s completed interviews not later than a day or 2 days after fieldwork.
  • All questionnaires are to be checked and arranged serially before they are finally despatched for data capture.


OUR CLIENTS As a data collection and processing agency, our clients are mainly full-fledge market research agencies. Some of the local and international market research companies we have worked for are:



• We offer fieldwork and tabulation services in most urban and rural communities across West Africa sub-region which includes countries like Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone,
Liberia etc.

• We also have representation in other Africa countries such as Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria; Morocco and many more.

• We are continually striving to widen our coverage in the North Africa region to effectively deliver efficient service to our growing client needs for field research services.

• In Nigeria, we coordinate our field research services across the nation from our regional offices in the six geopolitical regions of Nigeria.

• Some of the countries we currently have our Contacts/Partners:

• Ghana • Niger • Chad • Togo • Ghana • Ivory Coast • Kenya • South Africa • Egypt • Morocco



Contact Details
Name: Rasheed Adekunle Lawal (Chief Executive Officer), Jatto Sylvanus (Managing Partner)

E-mail: rasheed@realitieresearch.com, realitiesresearch@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.realitiesresearch.com.ng

Office Address: 23, Pedro Road, Adebari Bus-stop  (1st floor), Adjacent Pedro Police Barrack, Lagos, Nigeria

Landline: +234 (0) 818 151 0889
Mobile : +234 (0) 806 007 4235
Mobile : +234 (0) 808 946 7372
Mobile 2: +234 (0) 802 326 9837

  • Our greatest asset is the strength of our breed of articulate, passionate and result driven workforce. At RRNL, we parade an array of well motivated, focused, problem solving personnel who understands the business and realized that clients’ success is their business.
  • Our personnel individual academic background ranges form Business Administration, Marketing, Sociology, Statistics etc; most members of our team have many years of experience in the research industry.
  • Our functional network of well-trained field operations managers, field
    personnel and project consultants in key cities and countries guarantee that every project is completed with the highest expertise and quality possible.
  • We are positioned to deliver the best of field research services to our clients at competitive costs.
Rasheed Lawal

Rasheed A. Lawal

Chief Executive Officer

Rasheed A. Lawal has been in the market research industry as a field resource person for more than two decades. He started his professional career in the eighties with the first Research agency in Nigeria – Research Bureau Nigeria Limited
(RBNL). He later joined Market Trends Nigeria Limited (MTNL) as a pioneer member and he was in charge of the field/training of work force particularly field personnel. MTNL later joined the Research International group and transformed to Market Trends Research International (MTRI). He served in various units of the research outfit principally in the operations department and retired as the Head, Field/Logistics.

As the head of Field/Logistics, he was involved in the planning and execution of many qualitative & quantitative research projects vis-à-vis consumer research, Business to Business, Telecommunication, Media, Retail, Consumer Satisfaction, Corporate Social Responsibilities, financial services etc, and a host of tracking studies for multinational companies.

He was also in charge of coordinating fieldwork & tabulation for some international
clients on trackers for many years. Some of the tracking studies under his supervision included Brand Attitudes Study on Electrical/Electronic appliances; Brand Health Check on Beverages and other FMCGs; Global On-Track Study on telecommunication, etc.

Rasheed A. Lawal, a graduate of Business Administration and a participant in many
professional courses; in conjunction with other colleagues in the market research
industry founded Realities Research Nigeria Limited (RRNL) as a field research and
consulting firm with a commitment to provide quality and reliable field and tabulation services. He is a member of Nigeria Market Research Association, NIMRA and his presently the Chief Executive Officer of RRNL.

Jatto Sylvanus

Jatto Sylvanus

Managing Partner

Jatto Sylvanus is a Managing Partner at RRNL. His primary responsibilities include client’s communication and management, brief interpretation, proposal writing, project co-ordination and management, and report writing.

Jatto has over 13 years work experience in Marketing and Opinion Poll Research. He
has managed several local and international studies in various sectors including the
FMCG, Telecoms, Automotive, Travels and Tourism, Housing, Health, etc.

He is conversant with both quantitative and qualitative research types, using both traditional and modern data collection techniques.

He holds BSc and MSc degree in Political Science & Philosophy and Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and University of Lagos respectively.

He is a member of the Nigerian Marketing Research Association, Open World: the Market Research Network for Positive Globalization .

Popoola Abosede

Popoola Abosede

Research Executive

She is a marketing intelligence and social researcher with over ten years’ experience in project management, brand building technique, consumer care and retention. She has acquired over ten years’ experience in moderation, analysis and reporting of qualitative studies.

Member of Nigerian Marketing Research Association (NiMRA), she obtained a certificate in effective writing and communication.

Her in-depth probing and laddering while moderating is being influenced by her marketing background (as a former Sales Manager Adata Ctrack Ltd Nigeria) coupled with her wide exposure to marketing trainings and activities.

Her proficiency in report writing and insight generation is based on her thorough knowledge of Nigerian consumers and their behavioral changes. Her approaches to insights generation goes beyond direct responses from respondents but includes reviewing of previous relevant studies, workshop activation and sourcing of relevant online information. In quantitative, she specializes in business to business research as well as consumer research base on her flair to meet people.

A university graduate, an avid reader, creative, fun and love hanging out with friends in order to relax and exchange ideas.

Ruth Zinsou

Ruth Zinsou

Research Executive

Ruth is a qualitative expert and she has been in the market research industry for more than 15 years. She has also worked with some of the leading research agencies in Nigeria and other West Africa countries as Qualitative Consultant/Moderator.

Ruth is creative, hardworking and timely. She is a patient listener, willing to learn and able to work under pressure. She is proficient in oral and written communication. A team player with passion for honesty and transparency.

She is endowed with qualitative experiences in the following sectors – Healthcare, Telecoms, Banks, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Communication, Lifestyle, FCMG, Government, Beverages, Social Media, Electronic Media, etc.

A graduate in Secretarial Studies.

Lawal Abiodun

Lawal Abiodun

National Field Manager

Lawal Abiodun has also been in the market research industry as a field resource person for almost a decade. He started his career with Market Trends Research International (MTRI) as a field interviewer and rose to the position of a Field Executive. He worked with a variety of Market research Agencies as Field Supervisor and Coordinator before joining Realities Research Nigeria Limited in 2010 as a National Field Manager. Since he joined RRNL, he has been a versatile field worker….the brain behind fieldwork planning and execution. He also engages in the training of field workers (i.e. field interviewers and supervisors) nationwide and quality control of projects with an articulate eye.

As the national Field Manager, he is in-charge of planning and execution of all our
qualitative & quantitative research projects. He is a graduate of Microbiology from the
University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He is an integral part of the firm, intelligent, jovial with
efficient communication skills.

Ibrahim Adamu

Ibrahim Adamu

Qual/Quant Executive Research Officer

Ibrahim Adamu is a qual & quant personnel and has been in the industry for over
10 years. He coordinates qual & quant studies in both Anglo and Francophone west African countries.

As the company’s representative in some key countries (i.e, Niger, Cameroun,
Chad, Ghana etc) he is also involved in the planning and execution of all fieldwork projects in these countries. His responsibility is to guarantee timely project execution and delivery.

He is a graduate of Micro-Biology. He has also participated in some project
management courses.

Oke Olabisi

Oke Olabisi

DP Consultant

Oke Olabisi is our consultant on data processing. He has over 15 years research experience while working at Research International Market Trends, Nigeria before he resigned in 2010. He started his career as Assistant Research Executive thereafter rose to the position of Head of Data processing department. His outstanding performance in Data Processing and solution oriented to complex research projects made him popular within Africa Units of Research International and mostly preferred to handle complex projects.

As Operations/Data Processing Manager, he handled most key projects for major key clients like Coca-Cola, BAT, Nestle, Unilever, BBC, WAPCO (Lafarge), Zain and all RI propriety products (i.e. Equity engine, BPTO, STM etc).

His academic qualification as a computer science graduate and Project Management Professional (PMP) (preparatory class training)coupled with a good practical knowledge of PRINCE2 always impact on the professional and skillful manner he handles all projects.

He has attended major training, seminars, workshop on data processing management and operational excellence across several countries in Africa.

In order to actualize his corporate vision, he is currently studying for his Masters in Information and Communication Technology (MICT) at The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.